Episode 4 : Once Upon A Time At Mars Bar

In this episode, we go way back as I reminisce and tell a story I’ve never told before.

I tell you a story about teen peer pressure, first beer, smoking , cigarette , nicotine addiction and recovery. Long story, we’ll need more beer.

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Episode 2 : With Obinna Charles

In this episode. I had a chat Obinna Charles, we met on Reddit. We talked amount Nigerian websites especially Nairaland. We also talked about Nigerian Government and the latest police killing scandal. It was a no holds barred chat.

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This is We Need More Beer Podcast.

This is We Need More Beer Podcast.

Here we talk about the things we don’t usually talk about because we don’t have time.

Sometimes we drink juice. Sometimes it’s just water in the red cup. It’s not about the drink, duh. It is about the things we don’t talk about because we don’t have time. Drinks just smoothen things.

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Now stock up, because we’ll need more beer.

Life and Circles

People, by the very nature of our being, prefer to stick with familiar things. Especially as we age, it is very hard to get to try new things . Which is why an adult learning a new language, a forty year old trying a new sport or a fifty year old going back to school for a bachelor’s degree are considered very impressive things.

Every knew experience you have , every knew skill you acquire extends you. Learning a new skill is like getting a new lease of life, becoming young again. It can be confusing in the beginning but the knowledge and self confidence eventually acquired is very empowering.

Our society is seemingly divided into familiar and strange circles. We live in circles that seems to circumscribe and limit us but it need not be. A world leader wants to build a wall to keep the migrants out. Many governments want to keep the opposition out. Companies employ guards to keep outsiders out. We live in gated estates and fence our compounds to keep strangers out. At the pettiest, individuals build walls in their hearts to keep love for others out.

But I repeat, walls and circles don’t need to circumscribe us, limit us. If we keep trying new things, meeting new people and embracing new experiences, we would be the person who keeps building a bigger circle to contain every body else. It is a hard thing to do but the we do these things not because it is easy but because it is better.

Every day , strive to build a bigger circle with no limitations. The world is your oyster. Travel. Engage new people, Learn new knowledge and skills. Build a bigger circle, be all you can be.