Help Yourself

One of the first things you will notice when you are down and out is that often nobody is willing to help you .

An old man, a retired office holder, was telling me the other day ,’Even people that I have helped in the past avoid me when I need them’.

A stream does not flow upwards; do not expect people to come to your aid because of whatever reasons. If they do so, that’s nice. But do not take it for granted. You might be disappointed.

There is only one person you can count on to help you and that person is you. If you don’t act in your own best interests, that is a terrible situation to be in.

Always bet on number one . Vouch for yourself. Invest in your ambitions. Stand up for yourself. Get rid of bad habits and the people that pull you back.

If you have ever worked hard while in the employ of others, do even more so in the pursuit of your enterprise. Don’t wait to be chosen, chose yourself. Volounteer for leadership. Recognize in you the seeds of greatness and water it .

Every time you step up , you give people permission to follow your lead.

Stop waiting for people to help you, it might never happen. Depend instead on the strength of your arms, the sweat of your brow, the excercise of your brain, the depth of your purse.

You need to always be ready to take initiative. They say heaven helps those who help themselves. I say, even if heaven forsake you, do not forsake your own course.

There is worthier cause, no greater investment than that which you do in yourself. You must be always willing to do anything necessary to help youself.

Never Give Up

You probably know people like that . They have been to hell and come back and they have scars. But mysteriously they still hold it together.

I’ve met such people in schools, hospitals , people’s homes and churches . One thing they have in common apart from their serenity is there attitude to life. One thng they have in common is that they treasure living and life.

They do not give up. It is just not in there DNA. Like champion pugilist, they get up and get in the ring one more time. They have no time to feel sorry for them self. Do you have no time to lament the tragic fate of their destiny .

I noticed sometimes but they’re not bothered about the final outcome of the battle. They have a hope that assures them that victory is in the horizon. So all their focus is in the now. The next one second.

When you are fully into the fight, you are at the zenith of your capabilities. Your vision is directed at only what is going on within the ring of battle.

If only you can take or dodge the next punch and give one more jab at your adversary, victory is possible. In the heat of the fight, when you are the iron when you are in the eye of the tiger, what you do in the next moment will determine whether you will live.

That that is not the time to debate philosophy and ask a questions about the meaning of life. Everything you have been thought and told have prepared you for this moment. Now is the time to put it all in practice, to turn theory into actions.

Trees do not question why they have to stand all through their life. A river does not question why it has to keep flowing. This is not the time to question whether it is what it or not. You have only one choice and one option and that is to live and to fight.

Make make yourself the hero in this story. Join the long list of brave combatants who stoicly fight and win their battles.

Never never give up.