Help Yourself

One of the first things you will notice when you are down and out is that often nobody is willing to help you .

An old man, a retired office holder, was telling me the other day ,’Even people that I have helped in the past avoid me when I need them’.

A stream does not flow upwards; do not expect people to come to your aid because of whatever reasons. If they do so, that’s nice. But do not take it for granted. You might be disappointed.

There is only one person you can count on to help you and that person is you. If you don’t act in your own best interests, that is a terrible situation to be in.

Always bet on number one . Vouch for yourself. Invest in your ambitions. Stand up for yourself. Get rid of bad habits and the people that pull you back.

If you have ever worked hard while in the employ of others, do even more so in the pursuit of your enterprise. Don’t wait to be chosen, chose yourself. Volounteer for leadership. Recognize in you the seeds of greatness and water it .

Every time you step up , you give people permission to follow your lead.

Stop waiting for people to help you, it might never happen. Depend instead on the strength of your arms, the sweat of your brow, the excercise of your brain, the depth of your purse.

You need to always be ready to take initiative. They say heaven helps those who help themselves. I say, even if heaven forsake you, do not forsake your own course.

There is worthier cause, no greater investment than that which you do in yourself. You must be always willing to do anything necessary to help youself.